OFOMaps.com was founded in 2017 in the time, as the world has entered the infographic era. Our OFOMaps positions ourselves as a bridge, connecting the online various maps with actual project map applications in countries around the world.

All the maps are editable maps include outline maps, and political maps, region or sub level administrative maps. You can select one of them or the map bundle. OFOMaps.com will refresh our stock maps to make the world largest map library even diversified.

Our editable PowerPoint maps are easy to customize. You can change colors, text, pull out shapes to build regions, add icons or graphic, and highlight the target shapes. Our completely editable maps enabled you to demonstrate location straightforward, create interesting maps uickly, and most importantly, make your communication effectively.

Our team has extensive experience in the field of graphic & presentation design services. We create the map shapes based on public available GIS data or just manually draw them based on images. We adhere to strict compliance policies in practice. It is only the GIS data that we got approval can be used to make maps. So you can use our completely royalty free maps in your projects. Nothing has to worry about the issue of intellectual property rights (IPR).

Since the release of MS Office 2013, the widescreen 16:9 PowerPoint slides have been the default format for presentation. We adjust our products correspondingly, our customers can select the standard 4:3 or the widescreen 16:9 based on their needs.

We do believe the high quality maps are the reason why OFOMaps.com can survive from fierce competition. Over 95% of our sales are from the repeated customers.  

If your demand cannot be satisfied with our available editable maps, please contact us for customized service.