The U.S. state of Vermont is divided into 255 municipalities (237 towns, nine cities, five unincorporated areas, and four gores), which are grouped into eight counties.

Then the Vermont Town Map templates in PowerPoint format include 3 slides. Firstly the Vermont Town Maps are blank town map template. Secondly the Vermont Town Maps are individual town maps grouped by 14 counties. Thirdly our Vermont Town Maps as PowerPoint templates are labeling with town names.

Vermont State is one of states in the New England region of the northeastern United States. Our Vermont Town Map is showing the shape of each town. Firstly it borders the states of Massachusetts to the south, New Hampshire to the east, and New York to the west, and the Canadian province of Quebec to the north. Secondly its capital is Montpelier and its most populous city is Burlington. Finally all the municipalities are individual editable maps. You can keep or remove them in our Vermont Town Maps to create your maps.

Vermont, nestled in the northeastern United States, is celebrated for its natural beauty, characterized by lush forests, serene lakes, and picturesque mountains. As the leading producer of maple syrup in the country, Vermont’s economy is deeply connected to its land, also thriving on agriculture, manufacturing, and a growing tech industry. This Green Mountain State, with its rich history and vibrant community life, is divided into 255 municipalities, including cities, towns, and villages, each contributing to the state’s unique charm and character. Each of the municipalities is an editable map.

These municipalities range from the bustling city of Burlington, known for its vibrant arts scene and progressive ethos, to the quaint, historic towns like Stowe, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts year-round. This diverse array of municipalities fosters a strong sense of community and local governance, allowing for tailored approaches to development, conservation, and public services. Vermont’s municipalities encapsulate the essence of New England charm, offering a blend of historical sites, natural beauty, and modern living, making the state a cherished place to live and visit. Through this intricate mosaic of communities, Vermont maintains its identity as a state of scenic beauty and tight-knit communities, where tradition and progress go hand in hand.

Meanwhile you can also enjoy our Vermont Zip Code map, and Vermont map with counties.

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