Our Japan Map bundle includes 150 maps, with one slide of Japan map with 47 Prefectures, and the remaining slides are for the 47 Prefectures, each with municipalities on the map and the outline map for the Prefecture.

For each Prefecture of Japan, we provide.

  • Prefecture Outline map
  • Blank Prefecture Map with Municipalities
  • Labeled Prefecture Map with Municipalities both in English and Japanese

Japan is a sovereign country in Northeast Asia. The administrative structure of Japan is composed of 47 Prefectures. Each Prefecture is divided into municipalities, which are cities, towns, villages and special wards. There are 1,719 municipalities in total in Japan. The neighboring countries are China, Russia and South Korea. Tokyo is the national capital and largest city.

The 47 Prefectures are Aichi, Akita, Aomori, Chiba, Ehime, Fukui, Fukuoka, Fukushima, Gifu, Gunma, Hiroshima, Hokkaido, Hyōgo, Ibaraki, Ishikawa, Iwate, Kagawa, Kagoshima, Kanagawa, Kōchi, Kumamoto, Kyōto, Mie, Miyagi, Miyazaki, Nagano, Nagasaki, Nara, Niigata, Ōita, Okayama, Okinawa, Ōsaka, Saga, Saitama, Shiga, Shimane, Shizuoka, Tochigi, Tokushima, Tōkyō, Tottori, Toyama, Wakayama, Yamagata, Yamaguchi, and Yamanashi.

You can check each Prefecture by clicking the link to see it individually. At the same time you can also refer to the detailed political administrative division of Japan in Wikipedia.

Japan Map

Our product features make it easier for you to customize.

  • The maps are extracted from the latest official GIS data.
  • Capital municipality (designated cities) shapes and the other municipality shapes are grouped respectively.
  • The text is grouped as one layer.

At the same time you can also refer free maps in