The Hamilton Canada map templates in PowerPoint format include 5 slides.

  1. Blank Hamilton Outline Map.
  2. Hamilton Ward Map with ward numbers.
  3. Hamilton Community Boundaries
  4. Hamilton Community Downtown
  5. Hamilton Neighborhood Boundaries

Hamilton is a port city located in Ontario province of Canada. The city is a medium-size city in the southwest Ontario with a population of 690 thousand. It is also close to Toronto.

All the GIS data is from city of Hamilton open data portal.

The city of Hamilton is divided into 15 wards, our templates show the ward boundaries for the 15 wards.

There are six communities for this city. They are Ancaster, Dundas, Flamborough, Glanbrook, Hamilton, and Stoney Creek. For the community downtown, you will find corresponding towns including Ancaster, Dundas, Waterdown, Binbrook, Hamilton, and Stoney Creek.

It is 137 Hamilton Neighborhood Areas in Hamilton Canada map template. They are Ainslie Wood, Ainslie Wood East, Ainslie Wood North, Ainslie Wood West, Albion Falls, Allison, Balfour, Barnstown, Bartonville, Beasley, Berrisfield, Blakeley, Bonnington, Broughton East, Broughton West, Bruleville, Buchanan, Burkholme, Butler, Carpenter, Central, Centremount, Chappel East, Chappel West, Chedoke Park A, Chedoke Park B, Confederation Park A, Confederation Park B, Cootes Paradise A, Cootes Paradise B, Corktown, Corman, Crerar, Crown Point East, Crown Point West, Delta East, Delta West, Dundurn A, Dundurn B, Dundurn C, Durand, Eastmount, Eleanor, Falkirk East, Falkirk West, Fessenden, Gershome, Gibson, Gilbert, Gilkson, Glenview East, Glenview West, Gourley, Grayside, Greenford, Greeningdon, Gurnett, Hamilton Beach A, Hamilton Beach B, Hamilton Beach C, Hampton Heights, Hannon North, Hannon South, Hannon West, Hill Park, Homeside, Huntington, Inch Park, Industrial Sector A and Keith, Industrial Sector B and Keith, Industrial Sector C, Industrial Sector D, Industrial Sector E and McAnulty, Industrial Sector F, Industrial Sector G, Industrial Sector H, Industrial Sector J, Industrial Sector K, Industrial Sector L, Industrial Sector M, Industrial Sector N, Jerome, Kennedy East, Kennedy West, Kentley, Kernighan, King’s Forest Lower A, King’s Forest Lower B, King’s Forest Lower C, King’s Forest Lower D, King’s Forest Upper, Kirkendall North, Kirkendall South, Lakely, Landsdale, Lawfield, Lisgar, Macassa, McQuesten East, McQuesten West, Mewburn, Mohawk, Mountview, Nashdale, Normanhurst, North End East, North End West, Parkview East, Parkview West, Quinndale, Raleigh, Randall, Red Hill, Riverdale East, Riverdale West, Rolston, Rosedale, Rushdale, Ryckmans, Rymal, Sheldon, Sherwood, Southam, St. Clair, Stinson, Stipley, Strathcona, Sunninghill, Templemead, Thorner, Trenholme, Vincent, Westcliffe East, Westcliffe West, Westdale North, Westdale South, and Yeoville.

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