The Guangzhou city is the capital and most populous city of the province of Guangdong in South China. The neighboring international cities are Hong Kong and Macau, which is located to the south-southwest and south of Guangzhou City. The Pearl River runs through the beautiful Guangzhou city, which has over 2,200-years history. Today Guangzhou city has ranked as the top largest cities only next to Beijing and Shanghai.

The city of Guangzhou is divided into eleven districts. Then the Guangzhou Map templates in PowerPoint format include six slides. Firstly is Blank or Framed Guangzhou Outline Map. Secondly is Blank or Framed Guangzhou district Map and map with Chinese or English district names.

In a word, you can change the texts, colors, sizes, and add your charts. Most important of all, our maps can help to reduce your efforts and create good-looking maps. So you can focus on your core competence and outsource the maps to our professionals. At the same time you can also refer to the detailed political administrative division of Guangzhou in Wikipedia.

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