The city of Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta province of Canada. The Edmonton FSA Map templates in PowerPoint format include 2 slides, including

  1. the framed Edmonton FSA map
  2. standalone Edmonton FSA map


Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta, is strategically positioned within the Edmonton Metropolitan Region in central Alberta. It is located at coordinates 53°34’N 113°31’W, making it the northernmost metropolitan area in North America with a population exceeding one million. This prime location serves as a significant gateway to northern Alberta and the Canadian North, especially for industries like airlines and oil/natural gas exploration.


Edmonton’s economy is robust and diversified, with a strong foundation in the oil and gas sector. However, it has successfully branched out into other areas such as technology, education, and health services, contributing to a GDP of CA$87.5 billion in 2020. The city’s strategic location and comprehensive infrastructure support an extensive range of economic activities, reinforcing its role as a key economic hub in the region.

Forward Sortation Areas (FSA)

Edmonton is organized into 37 forward sortation areas (FSAs) on our Edmonton FSA map, which are integral to Canada Post’s mail delivery system. These FSAs, identified by the first three characters of the Canadian postal codes, range from T5A to T5Z, and T6A to T6X. Each FSA represents a specific geographical unit within the city, facilitating efficient mail sorting and delivery operations. This system underscores the city’s extensive and organized urban planning.

There are 37 forward sortation areas of Edmonton FSA map for this city, which are T5A, T5B, T5C, T5E, T5G, T5H, T5J, T5K, T5L, T5M, T5N, T5P, T5R, T5S, T5T, T5V, T5W, T5X, T5Y, T5Z, T6A, T6B, T6C, T6E, T6G, T6H, T6J, T6K, T6L, T6M, T6P, T6R, T6S, T6T, T6V, T6W, and T6X.

According to the definition of Canada Post Corporation, A forward sortation area (FSA) is a way to designate a geographical unit based on the first three characters in a Canadian postal code. All postal codes that start with the same three characters—for example, K1A—are together considered an FSA.

You will find the shapes or texts are grouped by the city and surrounding FSAs to facilitate your editing work. You can also enjoy other Edmonton maps covering 12 Wards, historical 6 wards, 7 Catholic School District Ward Boundaries, 9 Public School Board (EPSB) Ward Boundaries, three Quadrants and 400 communities.

For more detailed information, please check it in Wikipedia.