The county divisions Delaware templates in PowerPoint format include 6 slides. Firstly, the Delaware Map is a blank US State map template. Secondly the Delaware counties map with 3 counties. Thirdly the Delaware county map with 27 county subdivisions. Finally, the Delaware State Census County Divisions (CCDs) Maps by 3 counties individually, as PowerPoint templates are labeling with Census County Divisions’ names. The layers are grouped into two categories, one by Census County Division shapes and the other by District names, which makes it easier to customize your slides.

The U.S. state of Delaware State is divided into 3 counties and equivalents, then further divided into 27 county subdivisions or districts. They are all census county divisions (CCDs), which are delineated for statistical purposes, have no legal function, and are not governmental units.

The 6 slides are listed below.

  • US state map and Delaware State Outline Map (1)
  • Delaware State Map with 3 Counties (1)
  • Delaware State Map with County Subdivisions (1)
  • Each County map with subdivisions (3)

Delaware is situated in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States and shares borders with Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Delaware may be one of the smallest states in terms of land area, but it holds immense historical and cultural significance. Known as “The First State,” Delaware played a crucial role in the formation of the United States and ratified the U.S. Constitution in 1787. Its capital is Dover, and the state offers a diverse blend of natural beauty, with stunning beaches along the Atlantic Ocean and scenic countryside. Delaware boasts a strong economy, driven by industries like finance, manufacturing, and healthcare. It is also home to numerous educational institutions and a rich cultural heritage.

There are 3 counties and their corresponding county Subdivisions number in the parentheses as followed. Each of the Subdivisions is an editable map.

  1. Kent (7)
  2. New Castle (11)
  3. Sussex (9)

In a word, you can change the texts, colors, sizes, and add your charts. Most important of all, our maps can help to reduce your efforts and create good-looking maps. So you can focus on your core competence and outsource the maps to our professionals. At the same time you can also refer to the detailed political administrative division of Delaware State counties in Wikipedia.

You can check our other US county subdivision maps as below.